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Of Statelessness, Detention Camps and Deportations: India and the “National Register of Citizens” in Assam

The legal process relating to a citizenship register in the state of Assam in India is violative of multiple human rights obligations. With the deadline of 31 July 2019 looming large, I look at the flaws in the process and international law obligations.

“Surgical Strikes” Redux?: Ratcheting Tensions in South Asia

A brief post for Opinio Juris, within a few hours of the Indian air strike on JeM camps in Pakistan. A brief assessment of the Indian Foreign Secretarys statement - with a more detailed international law analysis to follow subsequently…

Amnesties: Three Disparate Contexts, Similar Goals?

Amnesties: Three Disparate Contexts, Similar Goals?

Discussions relating to amnesties in the Central African Republic, Venezuela and Guatemala in the past week compelled me to look at these different contexts and to address questions relating to the feasibility and legality of amnesty laws.