A Primer on the Jadhav Case at the International Court of Justice

Yesterday, the International Court of Justice came out with its decision on the Kulbhushan Jadav case, between India and Pakistan. I wrote about it before the judgment, with predictions on what I thought would happen. Read more!

Of Statelessness, Detention Camps and Deportations: India and the “National Register of Citizens” in Assam

The legal process relating to a citizenship register in the state of Assam in India is violative of multiple human rights obligations. With the deadline of 31 July 2019 looming large, I look at the flaws in the process and international law obligations.

Enforced Disappearances: A Global Scourge, Increasingly Under the Radar

With the disappearances of Jamal Khashoggi, the head of Interpol in China, and thousands of others across the globe, I look at ‘short-term’ disappearances and the legal interpretation catching up to this increasingly prevalent phenomenon.

Truth Commissions and Colonial Atrocities: Moving the Needle Further Towards State Responsibility?

Discussions relating to a truth commission addressing colonial atrocities against the Ovaherrero and Nama peoples compelled me to look at the potential of truth commissions and to raise a few questions for further exploration.

“Surgical Strikes” Redux?: Ratcheting Tensions in South Asia

A brief post for Opinio Juris, within a few hours of the Indian air strike on JeM camps in Pakistan. A brief assessment of the Indian Foreign Secretarys statement - with a more detailed international law analysis to follow subsequently…

“Comfort Women”, the “Birangona” and historical war time sexual violence: Ignoring wounds of the past?

“Comfort Women”, the “Birangona” and historical war time sexual violence: Ignoring wounds of the past?

I attended the opening of the exhibition on Women & War at the Ayala Museum in the Philippines. Hearing a Lola - or grandmother who survived the ordeal of being a “Comfort Woman” - made me think of this issue more, and also look into the often forgotten '“Birangona” of Bangladesh. What hope for justice and redress?