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Truth Commissions and Colonial Atrocities: Moving the Needle Further Towards State Responsibility?

Discussions relating to a truth commission addressing colonial atrocities against the Ovaherrero and Nama peoples compelled me to look at the potential of truth commissions and to raise a few questions for further exploration.

“Comfort Women”, the “Birangona” and historical war time sexual violence: Ignoring wounds of the past?

“Comfort Women”, the “Birangona” and historical war time sexual violence: Ignoring wounds of the past?

I attended the opening of the exhibition on Women & War at the Ayala Museum in the Philippines. Hearing a Lola - or grandmother who survived the ordeal of being a “Comfort Woman” - made me think of this issue more, and also look into the often forgotten '“Birangona” of Bangladesh. What hope for justice and redress?

Taking Statelessness Seriously: Linkages to Mass Atrocities?

My post on statelessness & the legal linkages to mass atrocities - an overlooked connection perhaps? Drawing from the Myanmar FFM report, a few preliminary thoughts and areas for future exploration...

Human rights impact assessment in Myanmar: Facebook’s anodyne report

Facebook’s report on its activities in Myanmar is anodyne and does not address important questions raised by the UN FFM. I raise a few points after reading the report, which are worth exploring further.

Tangled skeins towards accountability: Myanmar and international justice

I examine the circumstances around the creation of an independent mechanism to consolidate evidence in Myanmar. The Human Rights Council has stepped up to its role and mandate - and with the confluence of other legal developments including at the ICC, there are reasons to feel hopeful about accountability.